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About BIGP

Business Investment Group Projects(BIGP) is owned by a consortium of business investors and financial institutions primarily focused on sub-Sahara Africa. Established in 2015, our goal is to promote and fund infrastructural development in different sectors of the economy. The projects we fund include infrastructure like roads, toll roads, bridges, power generation, water, transportation, healthcare, commercial real estate, construction, oil & gas, agriculture and education. At BIGP, We are positioned for long-term sustainability through prudent financial and human resource management. We work closely with government agencies and departments as well as private sector clients across the globe for development of infrastructure in transportation, tourism, urban development, industrial and renewable energy.

Our Vision, Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be a global leader in infrastructure development and sustainability
Our Mission

Our Mission

To be a key player in Africa and beyond who consistently delivers on client mandates through direct investing for economic transformation.

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Our Work

We assist industrial capacity improvement proactively identifying and investing in high-impact projects, growing viable new industries, and the use of diverse industry know-how to force boom in priority sectors. We do this in order to facilitate sustainable jobs both directly and indirectly; promoting entrepreneurial improvement and growing the SME quarter; and remodel groups and developing black industrialists. We fund business development initiatives, play a catalytic role in encouraging partnerships across industries within and outside our borders, and promote regional financial boom by: